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3 Reasons Why All Churches Should Have This Sign But Don’t

I’m at my local library a lot for several reasons mainly because its awesome. Yea, I said it, the library is awesome (well at least the one where I live anyway) – nerd alert. Anyway they’re undergoing many renovations at the moment so there are several mock-ups and sample pictures on the website showing what the new buildings will look like.

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Cultural Appropriation

Credit: Oh where do I start with this one. Cultural appropriation has always been there, only now made more visible in mainstream usually with the crossover of black affiliated styles and movement making its way into white music and fashion. White in the America signifies mainstream. Since black Americans are in the minority, you can see how seeing parts

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No More Turning the Other Cheek – Pope Threatens Military Force

Photo Credit: In the wake of yet another brutal slaying of Christians at the hands of Islamic terrorist recently at the Garissa University College located in Northern Kenya that left 147 people dead and countless injured. Pope Francis said he condones military force to put an end to the “Unjust aggression.” Which begs the question, should Christians keep turning

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