atheistChristian-Atheism: “A theological position in which the belief in the God of Christianity is rejected or absent, but the moral teachings of Jesus are followed.” – a la Wiki

Been hearing this word float about lately. The concept isn’t anything new, even if the label is. On another tangent, its ironic how we sometimes think something doesn’t exist until it’s been labeled.

Maybe that’s one of our problems about God

so many names for this unseen being has left us with multiple interpretations, when a simple “I Am” will do. This could be another topic for another post, I digress.

This Christian-Atheist label might be worn proudly by some and its principles lived out, while others may live the life of a Christian-Atheist but profess to be strictly Christian. I know at points in my life, I have definitely towed the line of the latter.

It’s been said a thousand and one times but bears repeating,

no one cares much for what you’re saying

because they’re busy watching what you’re doing. If the two don’t match, in comes that oh-so familiar tried and true word – hypocrite. Which can lead to several posts altogether.



  • In my opinion, the label doesn’t work. To join a Religion is, by definition, a choice for Theism. Can one be an Atheistic Theist? Sorry. I do like the poster.

    • orangeneputuneon

      I do see the irony in the label but they believe in the teachings not the God attached to the teachings. “Atheist who believe in Christ’s teachings but not Christ” is just too long a title.

  • This is where religious labeling fizzles. Might be better to simply say “I’m a Freethinking human being” and leave it at that?

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