Cultural Appropriation


Oh where do I start with this one. Cultural appropriation has always been there, only now made more visible in mainstream usually with the crossover of black affiliated styles and movement making its way into white music and fashion.

White in the America signifies mainstream. Since black Americans are in the minority,

you can see how seeing parts and pieces of this subculture being incorporated into the mainstream culture without due credit can cause some grievances.

Borrowing from other cultures has been happening since the beginning of tribe, culture and society creation. It’s nothing new and its still happening today not just between whites and blacks in America alone but through the world. Asians borrow from American culture, Africans borrow from European culture, Latin Americans borrow from African culture, African culture borrow from Arabic culture, and on and on the cycle goes.

It’s not a bad thing, its a human thing.

The only reason its seems so polarizing and hate-filled in America is because of the deep history that both blacks and whites share in this country. Of course that history has been anything but civil or democratic.

The moral of the story is that in the 21st Century the world is now a village.

Ideas and styles will melt into each other like Pollock on canvas.

Special thanks to a little invention we call, the internet.



  • I agree it’s natural but it’d be cool if we were more aware of our collective history and the systems of oppression that exists

    • orangeneputuneon

      Yes. I do wish all people groups were more aware of their history and others’ as well. As far as systems of oppression, they exist because whoever wins the wars gets to re-write history. If history has/is been/being re-written how can people learn from their past?

      • Well I think history needs to be rewritten so we can learn about the past. We also need to stop teaching history as an objective, factual series of events and start teaching kids that it is utterly subjective and written, as you say, by whoever dominates. This way people can start understanding there are multiple ways to analyze events and can think critically about them. Also rewriting history often means including histories that have been suppressed or ignored (for example in France, they have just now started to teach kids about the Algerian massacre of ’68 in Paris, which had previously been kept all hush hush)

      • orangeneputuneon

        Definitely agree with you on the point that history needs to be taught as subjective because hardly is it ever objective. Good that France is teaching kids of its past, atrocities and all. This is how future generations learn from the past. If countries keep photoshopping their past, the future generations are bound to repeat the same things.
        (delayed response due to this comment being in my spam box for whatever reason) did you find out about my blog?

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