Monthly Archives: May 2015

Hate Starbucks? Go Here

Here in the heartland of O-H-I-O it looks like we’re finally catching on to the niche coffee house thing. The anti-Starbucks sentiment is starting to brew – pun intended! Recently discovered one of them (recommended by a friend) – Roosevelt Coffeehouse. Apparently their coffee is so special you can only get it one other place in the country – Oregon.

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5 Reasons Why I Hate…Umm….Strongly Dislike Christian Radio

Photo Credit: The realization dawned on me when my friend and I took an impromptu 8 hour road trip to Virgina. I really don’t like Christian radio…at all. My point of reference is coming from the oldie but goodie AM/FM dial. I have yet to experience satellite radio in all its glory (if you have satellite please enlighten me

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