Flawless Selfies 101

Woke up like this — So far from flawless.

This is a reminder to myself and anyone else that may be reading this proverbial letter in a bottle thrown in the internet ocean – you are more than your selfie – or the projection of your image.

For someone who had a short stint standing in front of the camera as a profession; 9 times out of 10, I take horrible selfies/usies. Especially if it’s someone else taking them.

With the usies –  I can’t control the angle or the lighting or instantly change into the perfect outfit and have the perfect hairstyle at that moment.

Other times, I can’t delete them because its not my phone. Other times I can manage to distract the phone owner and then delete —this only works in rare cases– as we know everyone is glued to their phone.

All this to say that you and I are more than the perfect selfie to be uploaded on

the ‘Book, the ‘Gram, the ‘Chat, the ‘Twit-er, and whatever other corners of the ‘Net the picture is going to end up.

Character may look like it doesn’t count for much these days but, much like that selfie —looks are very deceiving—after all there’s  photoshop and filters.

The Golden Rule still applies with or without flawless selfies.



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