Christians and Muslims

With the increasing hostility brewing between Christians and Muslims there needs to be increasing dialogue on our one commonality.

Christians and Muslims. No, we cannot get along. We don’t agree on the same God and we don’t believe in the same heaven. But we do agree on one thing –  there’s more to all the chaos and madness going on in this world that we all share – than meets the eye.

We believe that just like there’s a physical world that we can see and touch with our senses there’s also a spiritual world. Chaos and madness, murder and mayhem don’t just spring out of thin air – there’s always a precursor for every action. A behind the scenes battle between good and evil.

Christians and Muslims have nothing else to stand on or agree on so let’s respect each other through this one commonality. There is a battle going on between evil and good behind this physical world and we must do all that we can to perpetuate light not darkness.




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