Anti-Feminist: How Women are Ruining the Workplace

I’m a woman. I include myself in that very harsh title above. To quote the illustrious, distinguished and ultra-talented James Brown, “This is a man’s world but it ain’t nothing without a woman or a girl.” So much truth packed into one sentence it will take three lifetimes to begin to decode all the meaning.

We as women know our power – sometimes. Problem is the ones that realize their power quicker than the rest want to oppress others with this said realization of power.

This power display is usually directed toward other women because most real men know James Brown’s words instinctively – this is a man’s world- and they will let you know it very well through their actions. Many times words aren’t needed.

Men at work are constantly proving themselves; that they are enough for the job while women are constantly proving that they are more than enough to keep the job and to climb the illusionary ladder.

In increasing fields, women are the predominant population.

Women at work are constantly proving themselves to be more than enough. More than enough smartness, more than enough quickness, more than enough organization, more than enough ambition, more than enough leadership, more than enough goal-oriented, more than enough detailed-ness, more than enough kiss-ass-ness and kick-ass-ness. Making up words to stress my point.

My gripe is women do this at the expense of other women. Hooray! for you and your more than enough-ness but can you lend a helping hand to your fellow woman-kind instead of slapping them back into a corner with pettiness, slander, gossip and overt favoritism?

This is what feminism has become. The stories I hear from different women from various backgrounds and diverse careers all share this similar sentiment. The stories are redundant.

I am a woman. I am in the workplace. I am part of the problem.

I’m sure feminism has many good sides to show but this side of it sure ain’t pretty.



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