This Aint Yo Momma’s World

My dear fellow millennials this one goes out to you.

Where to begin?

So yo momma met yo daddy Freshman year of college, graduated magna cum laude, got married to Mr. summa cum laude and triple collegiate athlete; they bought the white picket fence house in a cul-de-sac, squeezed out you and your brother and have been at the same job and living in the same house ever since.

They lived up to societal standards and the all-american dream.

Naturally, you and they think the way things were is the way things are always going to be. To continue in the same path or exceed in the path is an unspoken, sometimes spoken, or often times spoken, expectation (depending on how vocal your parental units are).

That unspoken but very expected expectation looms over all off-springs of well-intentioned parental units.

Then the reality of your own existence hits you in the face when you notice that you’re at or have gone past the quarter century mark and your life sounds a lot like the second line of the Friends’ theme song:

“Your job’s a joke

You’re broke

Your life’s D.O.A.”

And let’s not even mention the student loans  – that ominous grey cloud hanging over your head like a ten page single space essay due tomorrow morning but you’ve only managed to write a paragraph since 11:00p.m.

If you are a millennial and have lived up to  societal standards and achieved the all-american dream; a pat on the back, standing ovation and round of applause. Job well done.

For the rest of us-

you aint yo momma, you aint yo daddy. You. Are. You.

And the world that they grew up in, went to school in, graduated in, got married in – is NOT the same world you’re living in now. If you want to use the same measuring stick for today’s world, you’ll frustrate yourself and go bald before age 30.

White picket fences, two car garages, german shepherds and 2.5 kids are all excellent things. Everybody’s got different timelines for these things. Not to mention different definitions of excellent things.

Respect your timeline, respect the world you’re living in now. There’s a reason you were born in this world, not yo momma’s world.

Go find that reason.



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