Life Music: a review

I stumbled on Jonathan McReynolds’ music on a blog that did a short video interview on him. Didn’t know he was a singer/songwriter until the interviewer asked him to play a song – as soon as he started strumming on his guitar I was already asking myself “Where has he been all my life and why am I just hearing about him now?!”

I then ran over to YouTube and gorged my ears on his first album – Life Music and the followup album – Life Music Stage Two.

After having both albums on repeat for the day and then scouring for every single video of his live performance – he’s got plenty,

I tweeted him these words:

@jonmcreynolds thank you for writing honest, haunting, healing, beautiful music that touches the heart and soul.

This is the most accurate description I can give for his music. Except maybe to add vulnerability.

And to my surprise! he responded:

“Thank you for listening! #gloryup”

Seems I’m not alone in my appreciation of Jonathan McReynolds and his singing/songwriting abilities.

Since last week, his timeline has been flooded with congratulations and well-wishes on his Grammy nomination!

In my book, if you’re able to touch hearts with the strum of a string and encourage with the words in your voice, you’re already a winner.

Jonathan McReynolds does both excellently.



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