AWAITED: Not A Christmas Play

AWAITED is a Christmas production put on by Crossroads (a mega church in Cincinnati). This is my first time ever seeing the production but apparently its been running every December for 5yrs now.

How do I describe AWAITED?

It’s like a mini Cirque-du-soleil production about the birth of Jesus Christ in a theater that seats at least 5k people if not more.

What I enjoyed:

  • Original Music – the music was fantabulous, they remixed some oldie but goodies Christmas songs and sang some originals.
  • Creative Choreography – the dancers were amazingly on-pointe (pun intended)
  • Videography – I’m tempted to say Disney’s Pixar ain’t got nothing on Crossroads.
  • Costume and Stage Design – the set and lighting, the actors and their costumes. Wow!

There were no speaking roles on stage (except for the part where a guy, who I will assume is the pastor, said a few words before the show started and ended). Just singing, dancing, staging and lighting. Very artsy and modern.

While the delivery was impressive, there is that sinking feeling that the message may be lost in the glitz of the show.


  • It was a show as mentioned earlier, Cirque-du-soleil on a much smaller scale is how to best describe it.
  • Other shows that come to mind – So You Think You Can Dance, Dancing with the Stars and any other live entertainment that’s on T.V. at the moment involving lots of modern/interpretive/ballet dances.

Overall, it is an experience.

If you didn’t know the stadium you were sitting in was a church and the actors/dancers you were watching were volunteers; you would definitely be wondering why you’re not being charged big bucks to watch this live performance with great talent being displayed.

Awaited – great live entertainment with the  message.





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