Evolve the Resolution

Was talking to a friend the other about goals for the new year. She was mentioning tips to keep the resolution like “write the goals down,” “make a deadline, “create an action plan.” e.t.c. all good tips of course.

I’m not one to make new year’s resolution. Haven’t made one in about 5 years. Not because they’re a bad thing or I’m on auto-pilot (which sometimes can be true and we’re all guilty of at times) its mostly because my goals/resolution are evolving.

I still have the same goals or resolutions I had a decade ago because the core of those goals have never changed. Some parts of those resolutions have definitely happened and are happening.

But the core of the resolution never changes so I’m continuing to build on the same goals. Kinda like the movie “Inception” where there’s a dream within a dream. I have goals within goals.

What each new year represents for me is not a chance to make new goals or resolutions but a chance to grow my core goals and see them branch out and bear fruit. And use the seed to continue the cycle.

New Year Resolutions are cool and all. What happens to those resolutions mid-year and end-of-year?


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