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Deeper than Skin Deep: Love has Many Faces

photo credit: In our Instagram/Photoshop filtered generation where a face like Rihanna, a body like Kim Kardashian and Reese Witherspoon’s forever sunny personality get all the “Likes.” Here’s a refreshing story about a young man who loves a young woman whose looks may not get as many Likes but “She’s the only woman that will continue to fulfill [his]

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The Daily Beauty Breakdown: Don’t Try So Hard

The Daily Beauty Breakdown Monday, 11/03/2014                   Janet Jackson Looks Unrecognizable Tuesday, 10/28/2014        Kylie Kardashian Gets Lip Augmentation Wednesday, 10/08/2014      Izzy Azalea looks like Marlon and Brandon Wayans from White Girls Thursday, 10/23/2014                   Renee Zellweger‘s New Face Friday, 11/14/2014                           Mary Kate Olson‘s New Look

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